Perfect Fabric Tubes in a Jiffy!

Fasturn® products, G & I notions and patterns.

fun patternsG & I Designs markets Fasturn products over the internet and at many sew/stitchery/craft shows on the Pacific coast. These products are designed for accurately and quickly sewing and turning fabric tubes and include a special pressor foot for precision sewing of fabric tubes, fabric-turning tools in different sizes, sewing machine shank adapters (where required), and a specially-designed clear plastic storage box.

We also carry a line of notions (accessories) specifically developed for use with the Fasturn system including wood irons, seam-ironing sticks, aluminum pressing strips, wall-mounted hardwood storage racks for the Fasturn tools, pinboards (space boards), and Glue-Baste-It fabric glue. In addition, we offer a wide selection of patterns utilizing fabric tubes.

We offer personalized service and bring many years of experience to bear in our customer relations.

Enjoy your visit here at our website and come see us at the shows.

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